Congruity: The quality or state of being where daily actions align with, and act as evidence of, values and desires.

Congruent organizations seem to have unending energy, drive, and passion. Their work places have a tangible feeling of rightness and forward movement. They operate on principles rather than rules. They empower their employees and their customers. Their team members are highly flexible and accepting of change because of their transparency and accountability. Their leaders are firmly grounded in their current reality yet also sure of their future success.

How do they do it?

Congruity in Shapes

Two shapes are considered congruent when they coincide at all points when superimposed.

Congruity in Individuals

Individuals are considered congruent when their external choices and efforts align with their internal thoughts and values.

Congruity In Organizations

Organizations are considered congruent when their practices, processes, and pursuits coincide at all points with their vision, mission, and desired outcomes.

Bringing congruity to any company requires leaders to be intentional. The second law of thermodynamics helps us understand that entropy, the measurement of disorder within a closed system, will tend to increase naturally over time. In other words, without open systems and deliberate effort, the measure of misalignment will increase within our lives and organizations over time. Our goal is to help guide your organization to greater alignment and empower you with the knowledge and skills to keep you there.

Let us help you bring greater Congruity to your company.

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